Classified Listings

  • Fri at 11:23 AM - posted by MMAMELEE
    Looking for a pro 115-125lbs female for June 23rd vs a 4-2 in Missouri. Anyone available hit me up. Contact:
  • Fri at 11:19 AM - posted by MMAMELEE
    Tuff-N-Uff is putting on our biggest show of the year in 3 weeks! We are looking for an AMATEUR MALE for the Flyweight title. Hotel & Meals provided for non-local. Some travel negotiable. Opponent is 125lbs 8-0. If you know someone, send them our way! Contact:
  • Wed at 6:32 PM - posted by MMAMELEE
    Looking for a Pro 115 MMA Female to fight a 2-0 Jiu Jitsu based fighter. She is a Blue Belt Also looking for a tough Pro 122lb Boxer OR kickboxer to fight a tough girl with a 15-10 record in boxing (I am hoping to find a pro kickboxing opponent for her) Friday June 16th in Springfield Missouri (30...
  • Wed at 6:30 PM - posted by MMAMELEE
    Looking for a few more amateurs fighters to add to our July 7th Attitude MMA card in Memphis! Share and tag! Contact:
  • Wed at 6:28 PM - posted by MMAMELEE
    Going to try one more time! Looking for 170lbs ammy vs. Darrell Macklin 4-0 on June 10th for Jackson's MMA Series XXII at Buffalo Thunder Resort and Casino in Santa Fe, NM. Gas reimbursement, room starting Thursday night, amazing opportunity. Contact:
  • Wed at 6:24 PM - posted by MMAMELEE
    Looking for pro and Ammy MMA fighters. Need Ammy females 115-130lbs for Aug 19 in Myrtle Beach, SC Contact:
  • Wed at 6:23 PM - posted by MMAMELEE
    Looking for an opponent for a debut amateur HW/SHW (Phillip McIntosh)Middlesboro KY, June 24 Warrior FC Contact:
  • Tue at 4:00 PM - posted by MMAMELEE
    Hello friends, I had a fighter drop and Still looking for a 145lbs male Amateur MMA Fighter.For June 3rdAt The Fierce Fighting Championship in price Utah Please contact me via Message.Thank you Eric. Contact:
  • Tue at 3:56 PM - posted by MMAMELEE
    Arena Wars July 8th Amateur Heavyweight vs. 1-5 Pro Heavyweight 206-265lbs vs 1-0Pro MMA 155lbs vs. 6-4 105lbs Female Amateur vs. 2-1 170lbs White belt BJJ guy for grappling matchLocation: Medford, Oregon  Troy Hafeli-matchmaker for Arena Wars Contact:
  • Tue at 3:51 PM - posted by MMAMELEE
    Looking for pro boxers in Southern California June 24th at Agua Caliente Resort: 122lbs Male 4rds: Opponent is 2-0126lbs Male 4rds: Opponent is 1-0133lbs Female 4rds: Opponent is 1-2135lbs Male 4rds: Opponent is 1-0 135lbs Male 8rds: Opponent is 15-0HVY Male 4rds: Opponent is 7-1 Booking fee if ...
  • Tue at 2:56 PM - posted by MMAMELEE
    Okay everyone I need to Push Hard on this One I Lost my Co Main event for June 17th so I need a Gal @ 135lbs for the Pro debut that can Drive to Virginia ladies Hit me up and coaches Please Thanks so much .. and Thanks for sharing and getting the word Out Contact:
  • Tue at 2:44 PM - posted by MMAMELEE
    170lbs and 185lbs amateur MMA fighter needed for debut fighters July 1. XFN 16: Gamboa vs Suarez Location: Bahia Mar Fort Lauderdale Beach a DoubleTree by Hilton 801 Seabreeze Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33316 Contact:
  • Mon at 3:47 PM - posted by MMAMELEE
    Looking for a pro 115-125lbs female for June 23 vs. a 4-2 anyone available in MO hit me up. Contact:
  • Mon at 3:35 PM - posted by MMAMELEE
    Few Spots Still Available: SFL XXIX - 17 June 2017 Fill out a Fighter Contact Form - Contact:
  • Mon at 3:33 PM - posted by MMAMELEE
    Need a Female 135lbs pro vs 0-1 for June 17th in ID for televised fight.  Contact: