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  • Looking for a pro 115-125lbs female for June 23rd vs a 4-2 in Missouri. Anyone available hit me up. Contact:
  • Tuff-N-Uff is putting on our biggest show of the year in 3 weeks! We are looking for an AMATEUR MALE for the Flyweight title. Hotel & Meals provided for non-local. Some travel negotiable. Opponent is 125lbs 8-0. If you know someone, send them our way! Contact:
  • Looking for a Pro 115 MMA Female to fight a 2-0 Jiu Jitsu based fighter. She is a Blue Belt Also looking for a tough Pro 122lb Boxer OR kickboxer to fight a tough girl with a 15-10 record in boxing (I am hoping to find a pro kickboxing opponent for her) Friday June 16th in Springfield Missouri (30...
  • Looking for a few more amateurs fighters to add to our July 7th Attitude MMA card in Memphis! Share and tag! Contact:
  • Going to try one more time! Looking for 170lbs ammy vs. Darrell Macklin 4-0 on June 10th for Jackson's MMA Series XXII at Buffalo Thunder Resort and Casino in Santa Fe, NM. Gas reimbursement, room starting Thursday night, amazing opportunity. Contact:
  • Looking for pro and Ammy MMA fighters. Need Ammy females 115-130lbs for Aug 19 in Myrtle Beach, SC Contact:

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Hiring Ring Girls

  • Martial Arts Super Sport is looking to hire beautiful models to become ring girls. There are positions available for girls besides just being a ring girl. We use plenty of promotional models at our shows. If you are interested please friend request our organization & e-mail your information to