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  • Date: February 11th  Promotion: IT Fight Series Location: Bellefountaine, OHIO Weights Needed: 135lbs 155lbs 205-265 Heavyweight Contact:
  • 170lbs Amateur MMA Fighter needed for January 28th in Searcy, Arkansas. I will pay hotel if needed and license. Opponent is 2-0 and training hard. Who wants it? Contact:
  • Amateur 145lbs MMA fighter for our January 28th Cage Titans card in Plymouth, MA Flight/Travel & Hotel Covered Inbox me or Michael Polvere for more Info ASAP Please Thank you. Contact:
  • Pro MMA Fighters needed for April 8th in Manassas, VA Must be within 4-5 hours driving distance from venue. Pro 125lbs vs. 6-1 and a   125lbs vs. Debut 135lbs vs. 3-0  145lbs vs. 4-1 Thanks Contact:
  • Need these Spots for February 4th in Southaven, MS filled... All amateur... 170lbs vs. 1-1155lbs vs. 0-1145lbs vs. 0-0135lbs vs. 0-0185-200lbs vs. 2-1 (Muay Thai) Will pay hotel/travel. See Matt Weibel for More Info on these Spots Thanks Email:
  • A Pro 105lbs female mma fighter for Front Street Fights Feb 24th in Boise Idaho. Fighter must be from the western US. Contact Todd Carlson directly. Please share Email:

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Tattoo Fightwear Holiday Sale

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    Tattoo is the lasting emblem of pride that represents victory over adversity. Tattoo is symbolic of honoring our achievements, reminding us where we came from, finding the strength to meet any challenge head-on. Though we're marked by fate, we're strong by choice.

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